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In the beginning, there was bridge.
Over 3 million games are played on our apps every day worldwide.
We provoke strong emotions in every kind of player: the curious, amateurs, advanced players and experts.
And this passion is limitless.


We are the world leader in the market of the most played mind game in the world: bridge

Our successes

  • 1,000,000,000

    Games played in 1 year

  • 3,800,000

    Players registered on our platforms

  • 2,500,000

    Players online per month


Timeless mind game since 1850.
One of the most popular games in the world (200 million players).
Played by a well-off and faithful community who have time to devote to their hobbies and have been dubbed “the silver economy”.


A success built with clubs
and federations, players with a long background
in the discipline


We are working in a structured network of clubs and national federations (the World Bridge Federation is made up of more than 100 countries).





In collaboration with over 30 national federations and over 800 clubs from all over the world, our solutions have helped make the discipline more attractive, attracting new players and developing new habits for existing players.

There are plenty of examples of this collaboration:

  • Tournaments licensed by the American federation (ACBL),
  • E-licenses for clubs willing to make membership available to a larger audience,
  • Virtual clubs allowing players to meet when clubs are closed.

We are adamant that we have a common interest in developing new approaches and we are constantly innovating together.



We are preparing for the future
by offering future generations
novel online game experiences


World of Bridge
Road to Paris

Conceived as an educational bridge game, WOB uses the features of video games. This takes the player along a pedagogical narrative, aiming to expose the world of bridge to a wider audience and providing a bridge to existing games. Divided into four modules of roughly ten levels each, this game combines play with an introduction to the rules and basic strategies of bridge, whilst still following the story and journey of the protagonist.


Create an adventure narrative based around the rules of bridge
Learn the rules of bridge
Learn the basics of strategy in bridge
Keep the player motivated by using gamification techniques