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Creating the ultimate gaming solution
We are on the look-out for new practices. We keep a close eye on changes.
We want to offer a unique online and offline experience to the largest number of players.


Our offering is currently centered around the most played mind game in the world : Bridge


A game including conventions and communication cannot satisfy players with a simple AI based on probabilities. That would turn out to be an unpredictable and incomprehensible partner!

In order to mimic human behavior and make players feel like they are playing with 3 other people at the table, we have developed a real  «virtual partner». The best there is, we would say.

On top of being available 24/7, it is able to understand what is going on during the game and adapt to its partner’s play and level, from beginners to great champions.

It responds to 80% of moves in 0.5 seconds and even explains its choice, helping everyone to improve their game.

Conveniently, your games are automatically saved so that you can log out anytime.


This ideal partner has been designed using an AI robot which improves day by day

20 years of innovations and research have led to this fourth generation and our development teams include international bridge champions who make sure that the robot is always at its best.




Every update is tested on thousands of deals from our database and a community of one million very active players. Fixes are made as soon as problems are reported.

Some players play over 100,000 deals every year and are proof that this game setup is successful and that they enjoy practicing regularly on our platforms, whatever their level.


The benefits of carrying out the “mind gymnastics” required when playing bridge have been demonstrated in several studies

For seniors, for whom a study by Inserm in 2009, since shared by many doctors, has shown that the regular practice of a cerebral activity such as a card game, with the mind gymnastics and stimulated memory that bridge players develop, will delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by 50%.

And for young people, in education programs designed to teach essential skills.